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Introducing the new ATV BACKPACKER CART

Increase your four wheelers cargo carrying capacity, while maintaining your ATV's or UTV's compact composition. This lightweight folding aluminum trailer only weighs 85 pounds and has a heavy duty load capacity of 800 lbs. The ATV BACKPACKER CART is the strongest, toughest, most durable, best built ATV/UTV cart / utility trailer on the market today. It was designed as a wild game trailer or big game cart, hauling everything from Elk, Deer, Moose or Bear. However, hunters, sportsmen, farmers, ranchers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world have put the versatile ATV cart to work for them as a: hunting cart, canoe / small boat trailer, duck and goose decoy cart, hunting blind cart, seed cart for food plots, tree stand trailer, ATV camp trailer, search and rescue trailer, fencing trailer, hay cart, newborn calf cart, commercial fruit orchard trailer and professional landscape cart. Not to mention it's uses as a tactical gear transport trailer for the Army, Navy and Marines. Whatever your use, the ATV BACKPACKER CART was made for the rugged outdoors and built to last!